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Is Your Concrete Floor Sinking?
You may have a sinking concrete slab if you notice:
• The floor feels sloped
• Doors have become difficult to open or close
• Furniture requires shims to sit level
• Tiles have cracked or "humps" develop near the carpet edge

The concrete isn't the problem.

The problem is under the slab!

The True North Concrete Lifting™ process is the most effective, simple and cost-efficient way to ensure that your floor will be aligned with precision. And, it will remain in place permanently without additional cracks or damage.

True North Concrete Lifting Process

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Interior sunken concrete slab Sunken Concrete Slab
Your interior sunken concrete floor becomes a structural hazard as the studs and cross beams are slowly pulled apart and away from the floor.
Interior sunken concrete slab lifting Professional Cakecrete Injection
Injection of True North's Cakecrete™ substrate through a planned series of small holes. The voids beneath the slab are filled and the pressure beneath raises the concrete to it's original level.
Interior sunken concrete slab repair Successful Floor Raising
Your concrete slab is immediately ready for you to use. It's just that simple.
And it's guaranteed to last!

Low Cost, Fast and Guaranteed!
Sunken interior concrete floors take special care to fix. The True North Concrete Lifting system gives you:
• Lower cost than concrete replacement
• One-day repair, in most cases
• The only guaranteed permanent solution
• Guaranteed protection of your in-floor heating pipes

Avoid Costly Sunken Concrete Slab Repair Mistakes

Concrete Lifting Mistake Adding a layer of concrete topping
This is only a temporary repair. The materials under your slab have settled and adding extra weight will often make it worse!

Concrete Lifting Mistake Removing and replacing the whole concrete slab
This is very:
• Expensive
• Dirty & dusty
• Damaging to plumbing, walls, cabinetry and heating pipes
• Time consuming - it can take weeks!

Concrete slab repair experts Talk to the concrete slab repair experts.
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we raise sunken concrete

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