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The exclusive True North Concrete Lifting process is the safest way to ensure that the concrete will be aligned with precision and will remain in place without additional cracks or damage. Here's how it works.

True North Concrete Lifting Process
Often called slabjacking or mudjacking, the process involves three steps:

Concrete Lifting Injection Holes
Planning and drilling a pattern of small holes in the concrete slab to maximize the weight distribution under the slab.
Concrete Lifting Concrete Raising
On site mixture and injection of True North's exclusive Cakecrete™ substrate beneath the slab through the holes.
Concrete Lifting Detail Finishing
Hand patching the holes and other cracks to match the surrounding floor for a finished appearance.

Low Cost, Fast and Guaranteed!
Sunken concrete slabs take special care to fix. The True North Concrete Lifting system gives you:
• Lower cost than concrete replacement
• One-day repair, in most cases
• The only guaranteed permanent solution
We fill and patch all surrounding holes and cracks in the work area so that it looks almost as good as new!

Avoid Costly Sunken Concrete Slab Repair Mistakes

Concrete Lifting Mistake Removing and replacing the whole slab
This is very:
• Expensive
• Dirty & dusty
• Damaging to plumbing, walls and existing cabinetry
• Time consuming - it can take weeks!

Concrete Lifting Mistake Inferior slabjacking substrates
True North's Cakecrete™ substrate has an ideal viscosity for filling in all gaps under the slab, unlike ready-mix cement. And it's not an organic soil mixture, so it will not decompose over time. It's guaranteed to last!

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we raise sunken concrete

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